SAP BTP Boosters


SAP BTP Boosters are interactive setup guides to configure and consume platform services without any manual configurations. Boosters are available in both Extension and Integration Suite in SAP Business Technology Platform.

🚀 SAP Business Technology Platform Boosters

They are a wizard-based interactive guide to configure services to accomplish a technical goal without manual configurations.

SAP BTP offers different services to build and integrate solutions to optimize business processes. Unfortunately, configuring a service(..not all) is onerous to complete the setup, and sometimes we may miss out on some actions or end up in error.

Boosters simplify and expedite the configurations with wizards, and developers can focus on developing applications.

You can find all available SAP BTP boosters in the cockpit under a global account.

Below are the boosters available in the SAP Business Technology Platform trial account by capability.

SAP BTP Extension Suite

  • Prepare an account for ABAP Environment.
  • Prepare an Account for SAP Customer Order Sourcing
  • Set up an account for Data Attribute Recommendation
  • Set up an account for Document Information Extraction
  • Set up an account for Service Ticket Intelligence 
  • Configure a Mobile Application Backend
  • Build a Micro App for SAP Mobile Cards
  • Set up an account for Workflow Management

SAP BTP Integration Suite

  • Enable Integration Suite

⚡️ What’s inside a Booster?

A booster has the details about what the booster does, its technical architecture in the Overview section.

Components tab have the information about the required subscriptions (or) service instances to run the booster.

Additional Resources contains the additional tutorials and documentation about the booster.

Now that you learned about SAP Business Technology Platform Boosters, let’s see how they work. In this blog post we will create and publish a Micro App for SAP Mobile Cards using SAP Mobile Services.

📚 Step-by-Step Procedure

Log on to the SAP BTP cockpit and navigate to the global account. Choose Boosters in the left navigation menu.

Click on the Start button on the “Build a Micro App for SAP Mobile Cards” booster tile. A wizard starts with a sequence of steps to complete the setup.

Check Prerequisites

In this step, it checks for availability of required resources in the global account for successful completion of the booster. Click on Next when you see a green Done button.

Select Subaccount

Select the Subaccount from the global account where you want to create the application and choose Space in which to create required service instances.

Initialize Mobile Card

Along with sub account and space, you need to initialize the Mobile Card Kit if it is not already done.

Mobile Card Kit initialized successfully

Click on Next.

Select Cards

SAP Mobile Services offers pre-delivered Mobile Card templates. Choose the template of your choice and click on Next.

Configure Cards

Provide the name for the template selected in the above step. Click Next.


A final review before boosters kicks in and create a Micro App for SAP Mobile Cards. Click on Finish.

After a couple seconds, you will see the success message which indicates the configuration is complete. It’s time to pick up your mobile phone and scan those QR Code to install the SAP Mobile Card Android or iOS app.

Once the app is successfully installed, login with your SAP BTP credentials and setup passcode. Finally you can see the micro app.

🧐 So, what actually did the booster?

As said earlier, boosters automate the process and configure required service and create service instances. So in this example let’s see what service instances are created automatically.

As per the components mentioned in the “Build a Micro App for SAP Mobile Cards” booster 

  1. A service instance for SAP Mobile Services
  1. A service instance for Authorization & Trust Management.

🥁 Conclusion

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