How to develop Fiori App in SAP Business Application Studio


Dear SAPLearners, in this blog post we will learn how to develop Fiori App in SAP Business Application Studio.

✋ Prerequisites

To complete this tutorial, you will need:

📚 Step-by-Step Procedure

1. Launch the dev space for the SAP Fiori application type.

2. On Welcome page, click on New project from template.

3. Next, choose the template SAP Fiori Freestyle – Project Generator and click on Next button.

4. Choose Target Running Environment as Cloud Foundry and template as SAPUI5 Application.

5. Enter a project name and then click Next.

6. On HTML5 application runtime step you have 2 options to choose either the Standalone Approuter or the Managed by SAP Cloud Platform approuter.

7. However, we will choose Managed by SAP Cloud Platform and provide the service name. Click Next.

8. Provide Basic Attributes details and then click Next

  • Enter the HTML5 module name
  • Choose Yes to add authentication.
  • Enter a namespace

9. In the last step, enter View Name and choose No to add a data service and then click Next.

10. Finally, the Fiori project is created and here is the folder structure.

11. Unlike SAP Web IDE Full Stack, we have different project structure in SAP Business Application Studio. Lets understand important folders, files in the project.

mta.ymlThis file defines application’s resources and dependencies
xs-security.json This file defines application’s security scopes and roles.
/ui/webappThis folder contains SAPUI5 application files like view, controllers etc..

12. In View1.view.xml file, add a Text UI5 control like below.

13. After that, right click on index.html file and choose Preview to run the SAPUI5 application.

14. Hurray!!! you see the output like below.


Congrats!! you have finally learned the how to develop Fiori App in SAP Business Application Studio. In next tutorial we will deploy SAPUI5 app to SCP Cloud Foundry and add it to the SAP Cloud Platform Portal Fiori Launchpad site.

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